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Mortgage Protection

Find out how to protect your house and your family. Click the Get a quote button to request a free mortgage protection insurance quote. You will receive personalized attention from one of our highly skilled mortgage protection specialists to put together a plan that fits your budget and coverage needs.

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Mortgage Disability Insurance

With mortgage disability insurance, you can focus on getting better, not on paying the bills. If you are a homeowner, simply complete the form on the right to request a free quote. You will receive personalized attention from one of our highly skilled mortgage protection specialists to determine whether you qualify for mortgage disability insurance and find a plan that fits your needs.

Universal life!

Universal Life

It’s true that universal life insurance is not nearly as cheap as term life insurance, but it is much cheaper than whole life insurance. How can it be cheaper and grant the policyholder so much more freedom at the same time? In the real world, “freedom” equates to “responsibility,” and it is by transferring responsibility from the insurance company to the policy owner that universal life insurance cuts costs.

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Term Life

Term life insurance is the cheapest, simplest type of life insurance. Term life insurance is temporary, meaning that a policy of term life insurance provides coverage for only a certain number of years. (You can choose 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40 years, depending on the life insurance company.) Any life insurance policy that is not a term policy is permanent life insurance.

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Final Expense

Final expense insurance can save your loved ones a lot of money and stress at the time of your death. With the high cost of funerals, the last thing anyone wants to think about after they lose a loved one is paying for and planning final arrangements.

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Retirement and Annutities

Saving for retirement is one of the greatest financial challenges facing Americans today. Company pension plans are a thing of the past, Social Security faces a questionable future, and 401(k) and IRA plans have maximum contribution levels that could limit your savings. With an annuity, you can benefit from tax-deferred savings and ensure that you have a guaranteed income in retirement.

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